This five minute read will explain what is happening in the Canterbury Property market and the dangers of overpricing.

The recent drop in UK inflation to 4.6% from 6.7% in September has several implications for the Canterbury property market.

The Resilient Growth of Canterbury’s Private Rented Sector with a Decade of Opportunities Amid Challenges

As the skies light up on November 5th, we want to take a moment to wish the wonderful Canterbury community a joyous Fireworks Day!

With the right advice and strategy, we can help you achieve your goal.

Here are some easy and comforting tips to help you make the most of the season and show yourself and your home some extra love!

The UK rental market has once again demonstrated its resilience and dynamic nature.

Nationally, three-bedroom homes dominate at 40.4%. Curious about Canterbury's numbers?

If your dreams of buying a new home rely on the sale of your existing property, then there’s one fundamental question you need to answer. Are you going to look for a new home first and then list your property – or do things the other way around?

Two-bedroom homes make up 27.1% of UK properties. Yet, what's the scoop in Canterbury

Keep a Close Eye on the Property Market with Regal Estates

The consensus among economists and the wider public is clear: the remarkable ascent of Canterbury's property prices over the previous twelve years has reached its peak and is now starting to drift downwards.